Saturday, September 15, 2012

What I'm eating lately

A few of the tasty things I've been making and enjoying lately, all vegan. Loving the way eating fresh and healthy makes me feel!

 Pancakes for breakfast with blueberry sauce, using this pancake recipe.

 Lentil Sloppy Joes with homemade gherkins (sweet for him, dill for me) were outstanding!

Dude, Tom. Get off the counter, that's where the clean dishes go!

Ratatouille, done just like in the movie! It was so, SO good. I let mine hang out in a warm oven accidentally for 2 hours after it was all cooked (didn't have time to eat it after taking it out of the oven, so I put it back in on "warm" to keep it warm for when I was ready) and Hello! It got all caramelized and amazingly reduced. I liked it even better that way than when I took a bit when first pulling it out of the oven.

Vegan 7 layer dip, birthday style! (Oh man, now I'm thinking about this. Watch it, you can thank me later!) I just whipped this up, so next time I will definitely write down the recipe and make a post. I thought at first that it wouldn't satisfy the way the traditional dip always did, but happily, I was wrong. This was totally birthday-worthy!

Technically, that is a cutting board. Also not a good place for a cat!

 Tomatoes, sauced, mainly from the garden. I used this method.

Everbody's favorite: homemade, fermented, raw, gluten-free Sriracha! Fermenting as we speak for a few days and then ready for my family to inhale :) I'm working on a green jalapeno/serrano version which is also in the cupboard doing its thing, and if it goes well I'll post about that soon!

Seriously?! Always Tomming around, aren't ya?

Almond butter, homemade. I made mine un-raw by toasting the nuts in the oven a bit. And then I added salt. (Julia, remember that little girl on Letterman years ago? What did she say, 'Sometimes I like to put cucumbers on it'? =P)

That's my guy Tom. Too big to fit anywhere =)

I'll leave you with this, last night's sunset. Just as if angels had painted it.


  1. Oh, Tom! Such a silly boy! And I know it's in the other post, but I'm going to pass on the recipe for vegan Parmesan cheese to my sister, who misses it since going dairy-free. All the food looks delicious!

  2. Oh definitely! That vegan parmesan is really good. The sesame seeds definitely give it a more "Asian" flair-- if she wants a more neutral flavor, definitely go with walnuts =) All the recipes I posted are super tasty and healthy, vegan or not!