Saturday, May 5, 2012


Welcome to CanCan, my new place on the web to talk about all things domestic! I have no idea what this little blog will turn out to be for me, but I do know that I was tired of thinking, "I should start a blog so I can publish this" or "tell folks about that" or "share some other thing".

So I went ahead and did it, signed up, took the plunge, and though I fully expect my only readers to be my mother and sister (Hi! Thanks for reading this!!), I will do my best to keep them and any other stragglers or random onlookers interested, informed and inspired.

Thanks for popping by!


  1. Lovely lilacs. Our neighbors have some blooming and El and I are sleuthing to go steal us some after nap. :) Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. Thanks! I firmly believe that's the only way to obtain a proper bouquet of lilacs :)