Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Homemade Laundry Detergent

Thanks to Pinterest, it seems that everyone is making their own laundry detergent these days. And well they should! It's economical, easy, and makes me feel like a bad-ass domestic goddess when doing the thankless chore I loathe most: laundry. 

I first started making my own detergent just over a year ago, when I saw an article in lifehacker and then on Hipster Housewife detailing the process. It looked so easy and I had just begun to get inspired to switch out my cleaning products with homemade, natural solutions, inspired mainly by Bonzai Aphrodite and her household transformations.

I just ran out of detergent a few weeks ago (just! after almost a year and a quarter of my previous >$2 batch) so I thought I'd chronicle the process for the new blog. I followed Hipster Housewife's recipe to a T, only adding essential oil at the end (a generous dose of eucalyptus and lavender this time, last time was tea tree). Here's what it looks like:
cast of characters: washing soda, fels naptha soap, borax (not pictured: essential oils)

grate 1/3 of the fels naptha bar
melt your soap flakes with 6 cups hot water. when dissolved add 1/2 c. each borax and washing soda.

add mixture to 26 c. hot water in your 5 gallon bucket. add essential oils to smell (it will smell quite a bit more pungent  as you're mixing), stir.

Now you let this whole mix sit over night, covered and in the morning it will have gelled. Use your immersion blender or a whisk to incorporate all the elements and you are set! Lasts forever, doesn't leave a scent on your clothing and it's the first step towards a chemical-free home. Enjoy! 

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  1. I'm pretty sure I just ran out of some store bought stuff just the other day. I'll have to make this too! ARRR! Jordan! What are you turning me into!