Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week in Review

In the last week or so there was this,

skillet blackberry honey preserves
and some of this,
sleeping guys: mayor & tom peters
a bit of this,
vegan, gluten-free dinner: cauliflower coconut curry
a lot of this!
what's cooking?
homemade soymilk! delicious, nutritious, plant-based and thrifty.
More of this,
lacto-fermented pickled garlic and spicy carrots~ currently doing their thang in the cupboard for another week or so
a tidge of this,
the heirloom variety is doing well, though the fruit is more scarce than on the other plants
some of this,
portland cracks me up
lots of this,
got my gaming wrists on! (laptop gets pretty hot =P)

and lastly, this.
after 9 years, got the old tat retouched and jazzed up

My life in pictures. At least the parts I feel like sharing!

a happy ladybug on my 4 o'clocks~ plant mystery solved!

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